Award-winning banking pioneer, executive and entrepreneur

Leads Ard Holdings, a top company on the Mongolian Stock Exchange
($100 million+ USD market cap)


Global financial and social leader

Former Vice-Minister of Finance, founder of Mongolia Economic Forum, and member of Young Global Leaders Forum


Champion for financial inclusion

Founder of XacBank, named as one of the top 100 global microfinance institutions by Forbes Magazine


Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt is a highly successful banking executive, entrepreneur and champion for financial inclusion. As the CEO and founder of Ard Financial Group, Mr. Hutagt serves as chairman of Ard Holdings’ various subsidiaries including Ard Credit, Ard Insurance, and Ard Securities. Under his leadership, Ard Holdings became the second largest company on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. With 30 years in the banking industry, Mr. Hutagt has served as an advisor to the President of Mongolia and Prime Minister of Mongolia, and is a founding member of the Mongolia Economic Forum. He has also served as the country’s Vice-Minister of Finance. Mr. Hutagt has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Alumni of his alma mater, Corvinus University of Budapest. His work has been featured in The Economist, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, and the New York Times. He lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with his wife and children.

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