Dates: 1973-Present


I met my wife Uyanga in 2003, and she has been my rock ever since. She has been a wonderful stepmother and mother to my sons. We married in 2004 and are busy raising our boys Hasbazar, 20, Danzanbazar, 15, Galdanbazar, 12, and Ligdenbazar, 6.

Uyanga is not only my wife, but she is also my trusted advisor. She helps me with running the office, HR and marketing and PR.

My boys are growing fast, and they have each made an impact on who I am today.

Hasar-Dashdorj is going to be turning 24 this year. Tragically, when he was born on October 17, 1997, he suffered brain damage during birth. I can only imagine how different his life would have been if doctors had not made that fateful mistake. He ultimately inspired me to help others through my work in finance and business.

My second oldest, Hasbazar, has just finished school and is preparing to serve in the army. Danzanbazar, my third son, is quiet but always wants to learn new things. He is becoming a very intelligent young man. Galdanbazar, my fourth son, is very kind. He’s always the first one to ask how we are doing, and give us a hug when we need it. I like to call my youngest son, Ligdenbazar, my “mini-me.” He is only six years-old, but we look, speak, and even walk alike.

My mother is also a very important person in my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for her. I try and see her as much as I can, and we often bring our children to her house for lunch and a visit.


Children should be given a chance in this life, and the freedom to make their own choices throughout their lives. But my son Hasar-Dashdorj – and so many other children in this world – will never fully have that chance. Since he came into this world, I have made a conscious decision to devote my life to helping those who are disadvantaged. I believe everyone in this world should have the right to make their own choices, and he is the reason I continue to try and make a positive impact on my country and its citizens.

I try to be a good father and teach my children right from wrong. I want them to grow up and be authentic, honest human beings who are responsible and persistent. I try and teach them the importance of always finishing what they start. I also want them to be proud Mongolians who give back to their country.

Many people would find it difficult to work with their spouse, but Uyanga is always my sounding board and I know I can always trust her opinion. She is my teammate, and also, my soulmate.

My mother is my hero. My father died at a young age, and she was only 40 years-old when she became a single mother of three children. She faced so many hardships, but managed to give my siblings and I a good education. I couldn’t have done what she did. Throughout her challenges, she always remained persistent, honest, and strong – and I hope those qualities rub off on my children. Simply put, she is my role model.

I cannot imagine my life without my family and kids. They are the reason I dream big, and accomplish my goals. I want them to be proud of me, and I hope that I am setting a positive example for them.